Luke John Hunter, born in the prairie heart lands of Alberta, Canada in 1986 to Kathy Klassen & (Duncan) Ian Hunter (R.I.P. 1948-2006) The 3rd of 4 children to Duncan & Kathy and a descendant of family's from England, Germany and Russia who were exiled to Canada with only the shirts on their backs during the genocide of ww1 & ww2. 


Grandfather John Klassen (R.I.P. 1922-2008) who escaped the 1920’s WW1 genocide of christians in Russia at only 4 years old was present at Luke’s birth and predicted the new born would one day become a prophet or a preacher. 


From 1986 - 1999 Luke’s family lived in many small towns across the countrysides of Western Canada and settled in Kelowna BC Canada (Okanagan) spending his childhood nurturing a great appreciation for nature and a simple life.  At 15 he decided to follow his passions to became an apprentice carpenter while funding his studies in history, music, drawing, painting and sculpture that quickly took him on a great spiritual awakening after struggling to fit in with his peers at an early age. 

Following a series of prophetic dreams inspiring the beginning of this un-conventional artistic journey at the same time Luke witnessed the world around him change fast on September 11th 2001 waking up early to the LIVE television broadcast watching the fall of the Twin Towersbuilding 7 in New York city that unravelled a whole new subject of research for 2+ decades. NYC one of the oldest mecca's for graffiti writers and artists in the America's many of which had a great influence in his own work, and now this new state of the world caught his attention. That same year around 2001 Luke met German graffiti artist COST1 and It wasn't long until he was painting walls behind the dumpsters in the street alley ways and occasionally getting arrested for painting on walls.


In 2007 Luke joined the hip-hop music group ‘Damaged Products’ (Canada/Mexico) founded by a couple of his old school friends where he began his journey in beat making and producing music. In 2009 one of the music groups members OddSeed died of heart attack from his prescription drug “medication” and the project was dropped at the time. 


In 2010 Luke and his remaining family moved to the suburb’s of Vancouver, Canada where Luke’s Grandmother Alma Nickel was born (R.I.P. 1924-2018)  For the next decade he continued as a construction tradesman and staying up late after work studying and developing his craft in many different studies & art forms.

After suffering a lifetime of chronic illness and an auto-immune disorder in 2015 leading to 3 months of pneumonia Luke began studying natural herbal medicine books by Dr. Sebi, Dr. Hoxsey and many more making a quick recovery and one of the greatest discoveries of his lifetime. A whole industry under attack by big 'medical' drug corporations and the mysterious arrests & deaths of over 200 holistic natural herbal medicine doctors in recent decades that would begin a new chapter.  

In 2020 Luke Hunter launched his own herbal & nutrient supplements supply company  'The Nutrition Revolution'      in  B.C. Canada to provide high quality &  affordable products from the best organic craft growers around the world and started touring with the B.C. Freedom Rally educating and teaching immune system health, nutrition & lifestyle training with great teams across Canada.  (Probably going to be busy for a while) 

'HUNTER' A family legacy

Motto; 'Cursum perficio' / I accomplish the hunt

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The two main devices (symbols) in the Hunter blazon are the 3 hunting horns and a greyhound. The deep jade green colour of the horns signifies “Hope and Joy”, but may also represent, rather delightfully, “Loyalty in Love” 

The hunting horn has a distinctive shape, it can be decorated with bands of a different colour and typically hangs from a red string. Apart from its obvious reference to the pursuit of hunting, Woowward suggests it is also associated with those who have rights or obligations to the 'FOREST'.


Luke holding the Hunter cross sword passed down from his Grandfathers. 

Inscribed with the grand family Motto; 'Cursum perficio' / I accomplish the hunt.

Embedded with a red ruby jewel - The fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. Ancients believed it surpassed all other precious stones in virtue, and its value exceeded even that of the Diamond.

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Venator (IPA: ve'na:tor) is the Latin word for Hunter, a type of Roman gladiator skilled in the hunt,  capture and dominion over wild beasts.  (KJV Bible; Samson, Daniel, etc.)



A person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; a herald, a HUNTER etc.


- a person that announces or indicates the approach of something; forerunner to warn those in danger

- anything that foreshadows a future event; omen; sign 

- a person sent in advance of troops to provide news and secure lodgings   


verb (used with object)

to act as harbinger to; herald the coming of.
Luke Hunter 2004 / AMOR LOVE MINISTRY'S / MISSIONARY travels Re-Building homes in Tijuana, Mexico      ....and painting on walls again despite court orders.
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Duncan Ian Hunter  (1948-2006) Youth pastor, councillor, traveller, musician, artist, writer, father...    
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In 2009, ..despite court orders again, crew REALM1 & MOREH(Luke Hunter) painted an abandoned/condemned building in Penticton, Canada as a memorial  for the passing of their crew mate Phillip Castle (KYOTE/OddSeed) 


When the mural was nearly finished the painting crew was surrounded by POLICE attempting to stop them and press criminal charges and fines but the crew persisted with the painting.  Immediately POLICE called back up to headquarters and City Hall, minutes later the Arts Directors from the B.A. came running over saying they would provide a permit and the mural was completed that day.


A few days later the painting made the front page of the city news paper and the crew was asked to participate in the new mural festival that ran for several years until funding and permits were cut.